27th January 2020 Written Weekly Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 27 2020


Act on intuition

Re-explore the path not taken

Life is too short for regrets

Make a move that is simply divinely inspired this week, Aries. Or take a ‘no regrets’ approach. Don’t leave room for ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’. Instead ask yourself what have you got to lose by taking action or following through? It’s a week to answer questions, get closure if that’s needed and above all, act on your intuition. Looking at what is preventing you from doing something fearlessly and examining this is the cold light of reality, could lead to you claiming that experience you’ve been denying yourself. This week sees the Moon, Venus and Neptune all meet in Pisces and your 12th house. Your psychic powers and creativity soar taking you away into new possibilities. But it’s about more than fantasy. It’s about daring to live that dream by taking action. Ruler Mars in your 9th asks you to push the boundaries of possibility as it reveals what is really possible for you.

Anyone or anything that holds you back or prevents you from exploring that potential will be thrown into sharp relief. If you have hesitated over taking that step or doing something, you’ll be urged by that angel on your shoulder to feel the fear but do it anyway. This week also sees Mercury head into its retroshadow in your 11th. People from your past could resurface. Is there anything that needs to be said or re-explored? Ceres also enters your 11th on Jan 31. There’s also a feeling around this of being able to close some doors that you may have left ajar. Sometimes acting means walking away and not looking back. If your life is cluttered with old ties, regrets or memories, there is no room for the new to enter. Cherry pick what you want to take with you, Aries. One door may be closing, but you’ll have no regrets as others open wide.

In a nutshell: Make this your Je ne regretted rien week. In other words – have no regrests about paths not taken. Could have, should have, would have? Take a chance and find what the answer is instead.



It’s doesn’t have to be romantic to be love

Know who has your back – and who doesn’t

Pause for thought in career matters now

Love and success matters are on the table now. This is the love of friends and the supportive kind of love from people who help or assist you – rather than the romantic kind. Ruler Venus in your 11th is all about the connection of friendship and networks. This week is meets the Moon and Neptune in here. Friends from the past could feature as could people from the deep past who you knew before and who appear with whatever it is you need now with no apparent agenda in view other than to help. If this is what is happening for you, take it you helped them in the same way a long time ago. This alignment square with Mars in your 8th so take it those fake friends will be weeded out until this aspect. All that is left if so are those people who really do have your back. Do you want any other kind?

We are in a week where Mercury begins its retroshadow phase even as if continues to move forward. The planet of commerce and communication is however slowing down. And in your status and reputation setting 10th house. This week also sees Ceres arrive in here on the 31st. Ceres is all about deals, compromises and the power of the seasons. In other words, there truly is a reason and a season. Look at your career progress to date. Are you happy with what you have achieved and how you are being rewarded? It’s time to take your foot off the gas and slow down. To plan your next move or change your direction and time this for when Mercury heads direct again. Ceres tells you it’s all in the timing and sometimes we have to compromise with time itself. Success isn’t going anywhere. Use this time to find a better way to catch up with it, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Who you know or connect with holds the key to your future. This week sorts out the true friends from the fake ones. Take your time with career. A new route to success is emerging.



Research a fresh direction for your future

Reclaim missing passion

Know where you want to get to – and with who

Ruler Mercury may still be moving forward but it is slowing down and entering retroshadow this week (2nd) in preparation for full retrograde in February. This begins in your 9th of long-distance travel, mass media, big business matters and learning. So, if travelling this week put those Retro Rules into effect. Begin fine-tooth combing anything you send out there and if you can, avoid purchasing anything from a new phone, car, computer and appliance to a horse. Travelling back to somewhere you have visited in the past or reexploring an option makes good use of any Mercury retro cycle. Use your ‘re’ words in other words. Ceres also enters your 9th this week asking you what you want to plant for your future when it comes to big ideas or going places. It’s time to plan rather than act however. Being an armchair explorer and dipping into anything from that university prospectus to that travel guide could see you living that dream for the future.

Mars remains in your 7th of partnerships and long term love. This is not the best fit as Mars needs action. Not all that ‘touchy-feely’ stuff. Mars in here also doesn’t do clingy or needy. If someone is, this could see you heading for the door if not the airport! Mars needs action. Of course, in here this can be the bedroom kind as Mar adds the va-va-voom. Or can ignite it again if it’s been missing. This week sees that Mars snag a beautiful Moon/Venus/Neptune conjunction in your 10th. That love action plan could take the form of a career move or a promise to pursue a love that’s bigger and more uplifting. You have the desire to pursue something or someone right now. Just have a clear picture of that destination in mind. Then head confidently towards it.

In a nutshell: Revisits, returns and revisions feature as ruler Mercury heads into retroshadow. You’re seeking freedom through how you express love now too. This includes loving what you do. Reclaim the passion, Gemini!



Enter the season of change

Opportunity points the way towards something new

Plant the seeds of your future

Embrace the inevitability of change. But understand you are in a position to control and direct it now, Cancer. Something has been lived out or outgrown by you on a soul level. What is it? It can be anything from a goal to a set of values or a relationship. Deep down you have known this for some time. But chances are in your kindly, Cancerian way you have put your best face forward and pretended all is well due to not wanting to upset anyone. The arrival of Ceres in your 8th and also the start of Mercury retroshadow in here from the 2nd, tells me that no matter how much you may want to spare others feelings, if its at the cost of your own, you won’t be able to keep up the pretence much longer. Take it that the season of change has begun. Time for you to plant something in fresh soil and watch it take root and grow.

If ove or even your work has become confining or restricting, this week opens up the doorway to freedom. A breathtaking conjunction between your ruler the Moon, Venus and Neptune on the 28th brings a glimpse of something bigger or what freedom and opportunity look like. This in turn squares Mars in your sector of wellbeing. Mars is all about action and if something is now affecting how you feel or your physical or soul body, you will now see that change or doing something about it is not just inevitable, but necessary now. There’s a new world waiting for you in a key area but it requires you to leave the old one behind. Go explore the possibilities now, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Don’t think of it as change, Cancer. This of it as evolution and planting new seeds for your future. There’s fresh possibilities to be explored. But to do that you need to let go of the old.



Get a healthy dose of real love

Reclaim that passion

You’re both the moth and the flame now!

Love changes everything or is the change in its own right you’ve been looking for, Leo. Reclaiming a lost love – for someone or even something you used to love to do, are just a few possibilities being presented to you this week. If love is absent – you will find yourself heading out in search of it again. You need fire, passion and heat. And like a moth you’ll find yourself drawn to that flame. Or are you that love magnet that others are being pulled inexorably towards? Like attracts like thanks to Mars in your 5th. This week sees it make an angle of love reawakening as it aspects the Moon, Venus and Neptune in its ancient ruling 8th. If something is missing in the passion stakes – and again this may not be an actual relationship but it could be about the passion for what you love doing or even finding recognition for those talents, then this will expose it and show you exactly what you’ve been missing.

Now you see it, you can do something about it. Ceres promises a new deal on love as it enters your 7th of the long term variety and partnerships of all descriptions on the 31st. Mercury is also in here and while it is still moving forward, it is slowing down. It enters it retroshadow phase from the 2nd in preparation for full retro-active action in February. Get ready to reclaim a big love, Leo. This is all about what was lost and is found again. At long, long, last as it’s been far, far too long!

In a nutshell: Lost loves or simply what you love to do or the love you need – all are in focus now. Expect the return of passion and permission to go find it if its been missing. Get a new deal on love this week.



Get ready for a new you

Give love more houseroom

Make lifestyle changes with the feelgood factor

How about some rebirth, Virgo? Ruler Mercury enters retroshadow in its ruling 6th of work and wellbeing. You of all signs know this is not the time to begin anything new. But it is a time for reinvention. Perhaps of that routine especially when it comes to how good you look and feel. Ceres arrival in here on the 31st points to renewal. Ceres rules planting, the seasons and harvest. Reaping what you sow in other words. Ceres also rules compromise and new deals. Do you need to make one with yourself about how you care for that body or what you do with it? If its wellbeing you are after understand this is only achieved with permanent lifestyle changes. Not with fad diets or exercise binges. So, look to where those adjustments need to be made and get ready to step into a new world of you as a result.

Feeling good allows you to appreciate and experience all the good things life has to offer. And top of the list is usually love and emotional security. What do you need to do to enhance your capacity to have this? Venus is in residence in its ruling 7th in your chart and the 28th sees it meet Neptune and the Moon in here. All three align to Mars in your 4th of home, family and those you live with. And if you like this has a direct impact on the body your soul presently resides in. Mars is not the best houseguest in your 4th as it wants action not cupcakes and Netflix cocooning on that couch. So, what do you need to do to go in search of love or just putting yourself in a position to receive more of that good love stuff? Time to format that action plan for exactly that this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: What changes to you need to make to bring the feelgood factor back into your life, Virgo? Ruler Mercury has a revised action plan for you now. Love and wellbeing go hand-in-hand this week. Make them your partners.



Make wellbeing your priority

Retake the missed path

Reclaim the love!

Everything in our lives is connected. See your chart as an interconnected web of energy with you at the centre. Changes you make in one area ripple into the others and all are then directed towards you. This is especially true when you have your ruler Venus in your 6th of routine, work and wellbeing. This week Venus meets Neptune and the Moon in here on the 28th. All three angle across to Mars in your 3rd. You should receive inspiration into how this all works now. For example how that routine has turned into a rut for instance. When you do have that ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, Mars will be ready to propel you into actually doing something about it. Don’t overthink it now, just do it. The changes this sets in motion may truly amaze you.

It’s also time to make and create as ceres promises it’s the season for love, self-expression and to get yourself noticed as it arrives in your 5th on the 31st. Children, younger people, millennials or even a new romance which could see you becoming a parent or step one, feature. As could simply reviving or reconnecting to something you used to love or a creative project you have allowed to lapse. Did you always feel you were destined for stardom but have ended up in the backroom rather than the spotlight? Always the bridesmaid but never the one in the frou-frou fancy frock? Someone’s understudy rather than the lead? Mercury in retroshadow in here from the 2nd says time to reclaim what’s been lost over the next few weeks. It’s not time for new love. But it is time for that revival, Libra.

In a nutshell: Reclaim anything from that lost part of you, that dream or that love, Libra. It’s revival time baby. Lost stardom or chances to shine? Waiting for you to collect in the Lost Love Office this week.


Return to your true self

Start a new affair with love

Owning what you have to offer is like coming home

Return to innocence, your roots and what really matters this week, Scorpio. Ceres arrives in your 4th of home and emotional sustenance on the 31st. Where are your roots? Your sense of belonging? If you have strayed from this, then Mercury entering its retroshadow phase in here from the 2nd promises a reconnection during the retrophase. I should not however need to tell you that buying, selling, leasing or renting property unless it absolutely cannot be helped, is not favoured now. However, moving back somewhere or if that home you lost out on suddenly comes back onto the market again, Mercury gives you permission to move forward. Otherwise, use this time to plan your regeneration in an environment which supports you. If this is in fact your present one, then recommit to it and do whatever needs to be done to make it truly yours. Redecorating, renovating and even decluttering all have a green light now.

Ancient ruler Mars remains in your money zone which is of course, the house Venus rules. This week sees Mars tightly embrace Venus, the Moon and Neptune in your fabulous 5th. This could mark the start of a very special love affair or soul boosting recognition for your talents and skills. You are coming across as someone confident, passionate and who values who they are and what they have to offer. This could simply translate into someone offering you something in return. Their heart? That pay rise or job? Or simply an invitation to showcase yourself and be seen. Time to express fully who you are and all you have to offer. And how secure and at home that makes you feel.

In a nutshell: It’s a week of homecoming. This could even mean returning to your true self and who you are. Are you afraid to show others what that is? No more repression, just self-expression and self-love this week, Scorpio.


Make the reality of living better than the dream

Fences can be used to create freedom too

Refresh old ideas around home matters

You may have felt you have been in a beautiful dream, drifting along when it comes to home matters and living arrangements. This week sees Mars in your first go knock, knock, knocking on your door to the 4th house where the Moon which rules this house, Venus and Neptune all meet. Something on the home front requires your attention or boundaries literally may need to be defined. This could be anything from that fence to someone you live with not respecting your rules, space or stuff. Or maybe simply you need a clearer picture as to where and how you need to be living. Mars is your wake-up call. Answer it this week.

New deals, arrangements and re-working of old ideas can feature now. If something needs to be re-negotiated – anything that involves contracts or paperwork, now is the time to look at T&C’s. Ceres in your 3rd from the 31st offers a better, fairer deal. Try not to enter into anything new however as Mercury which rules this house, begins its retroshadow phase on the 2nd in preparation for full retroactive mayhem later in February. Above all, watch for any tendency to go in the other direction of defining boundaries as in escapism or ‘don’t fence me in’. As Buckaroo Banzai tells us: Wherever you go, there you are. In other words, there is freedom in structure but no escape this week, Sag!

In a nutshell: put some definition behind those dreams of how you want to be living, Sag. For one thing, good fences make for good neighbours. For another – you can’t live the dream for real unless it’s a clear one!



State your terms

Deal or no deal?

Don’t rush

Being the sign of worldly achievement, it’s not surprising you cash has a big role to play. After all, it is the tangible sign of reward and success. Ceres quits your 1st this week and heads into your 2nd of money, assets, possessions, valuables and self-worth. Plus, you have Mercury in here throwing a shadow over your money as it begins its retroshadow cycle on the 2nd. All in preparation for a full reverse in February. Use caution now if entering into new financial deals. Read the fine print carefully. If someone promises something – anything from that payrise, job offer to that order or piece of business, don’t bank on its arrival on time just yet. Deals and negotiations may go back and forth. If you are however doing a deal, please ensure that it is to your advantage. Ceres says there is always room for re-negotiation if both parties want to make one.

Venus sits in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart while Mercury is in Venus’s 2nd. This could see some of you inching that contract over the finish line before we head into full retroactive confusion. But again, please ensure the terms and conditions are clearly stated and understood by both parties. Mars sits in your 12th which means if you are under pressure or make a hasty decision you could overlook something important. If someone is trying to get you over that line or to sign, please step back and ask what the hurry is? Are they telling you the deal may go away? Or is this a personal matter such as pressuring you for an answer to a proposal or around a relationship? Venus, the Moon and Neptune all meet in your 3rd on the 28th. Neptune rules your 12th which contains all you don’t yet know. It also along with the Moon rules your intuition. If it now says why the rush – listen. You can afford to take your time whether it’s that pushy salesperson or that lover who simply seems in too much of a hurry to close escrow. Mercury tells you there is more to this than meets the eye. Pause for thought.

In a nutshell: When it comes to anything to do with your money, you need clarity. And the luxury of being able to take your time. Resist any pressure to rush to sign on the dotted line. And have a clear set of T&C’s Capricorn!



Relaunch, reinvention and rebirth revive your soul

Your higher self sees the truth no matter how well it is concealed

Your insight is right on the money

Ceres arrives in your 1st this week. Is this your cue for a re-branding exercise or a rebirth, Aquarius? It could be time to revisit that look, image, style or appearance and ready yourself for a relaunch. Your personal message and how you come across may undergo an overhaul in the next few weeks as Mercury still in your 1st, enters its retroshadow phase on the 2nd. It will head off into your 2nd but then head backwards and back into your sign. Time for a little reinvention, perhaps?

Venus remains in its ruling 2nd in your chart keeping your focus firmly on material matters and also less tangible assets such as your self-worth, talents, skills and also the people you can rely on. This week sees it meet Neptune and the Moon in here. All three angle to Mars in your social and networking 11th. You could be shown very clearly just whose friendship and support you can bank on – and whose you can’t. Expect people’s true colours to come shining through. Your intuition may have been giving you clues to this for some time. Take what is exposed now merely as confirmation you were right all along. Meeting someone new? Tune in to what your gut is telling you about them. It doesn’t matter if this goes against how this person comes across or appears to be. Your instincts are right on the money this week. Bank on that, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Don’t ignore what your intuition is telling you about someone this week. Even if it seems to contradict all they appear to be. If you want to bet on who is right – it’s that higher wisdom you’re channelling now!



Work that star quality

Make your very best impression

A little TLC makes something old new again

You’ve the sign with the unfair advantage over the other 11 now, Pisces. Hand over that glam wand and let us other mere mortals get a dusting of that charisma. This week sees the Moon, Venus and ruler Neptune meet in your 1st. This is a time like no other to see and be seen. To craft that show-stopping image, brand or message that people simply want more of and cannot resist. You have ‘it’ basically. Not the scary clown type of It but the old Hollywood definition of star quality that people cannot help but find fascinating and irresistible. Use this to weave a personal message especially when it comes to your profile, professional message or career. These three planets will align to Mars in your 10th of career, reputation and status. Now is the time to get yourself noticed for all the right reasons with those who matter. Influences, authority figures and VIP’s. Yes, you belong with them this week, Pisces.

In your mysterious 12th house, Mercury is preparing to head backwards as it begins its retroshadow phase on the 2nd. It will enter your 1st briefly and then pull a full reverse. Expect the past to feature when it does. It will then be time to put the finishing touches to projects rather than begin something new. Is there something you have allowed to lapse? That could be revived under your new confident glamour that you could push forward with again? Ceres in here says you may have overlooked something which could still yield an abundant harvest with a little TLC. Time to go back to seeds you planted a long time ago, Pisces. It could just be they were waiting for this new you to emerge to encourage their growth.

In a nutshell: What you’ve got – well, everyone may just want it this week, Pisces. Time to use this to your advantage and make your move. Personally and professionally, the world wants you now.



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