11th May 2020 Weekly Astrology

Written Weekly Astrology May 25th 2020

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 25 2020 with our astrologer Elena



Keep one eye on the details – the other on the prize!

Travel back to the past for new beginnings

Destiny driven decisions await

Ruler Mars and Ceres co-join in your 12th of soul secrets. Both angle to Uranus in your 2nd on the 25th. This could bring a shift around your cash. To your advantage I might add. Make sure you have a strong sense of your value, Aries. Which is what Uranus wants for you. Freedom is always its goal and this begins with knowing your true worth.

You Got the Power!

Grrl power rules in the sky this week no matter your gender. Mercury in its ruling 3rd meets up with gal pal Vesta in here. On many levels these two have a lot in common. Yes, it’s all in the details. There’s something being ironed out and refined here. Again, it needs to be fair. The details of that job? Your pay? Who does what? That idea? It’s time for both ownership and cooperation. And a new kind of equality.

The Node Knows

The Nodes are involved in all of this. Mercury meets the North Node in your 3rd on the 28th. Later that day it will enter your 4th bringing the focus down to your home and emotional and physical security. For now however, there’s a touch of karma at work. Your thoughts may turn to places visited in the past. Or you get important news from far away. Others may find themselves on a new path to learning, writing, speaking and communicating.

Look Back to Go Forward

Have you been here before? Does this feel familiar? What goes around comes around and could be linked to 2001-2003. Or further back still. What you negotiate this week could define your destiny. Now that’s valuable.

In a nutshell: Come from a place of sure self-worth if negotiating anything this week. What you say and stand for is linked to future progress, Aries. There’s a touch of destiny at work as doors open wide.



Follow those friendship insights

What’s your money karma?

Write a new chapter in your abundance story

Friends or one particular friendship may feature this week, Taurus. Even at a social distance. You have Mars and Ceres remaining co-joined in Uranus’s ruling 11th. And they angle towards it in your 1st on the 25th. You may have had a feeling building one way or another about this connection for some time. This confirms it. Either way you’re either on the same page or you’re not.

Cash Up That Karma!

Let’s talk money karma. Yes, you and it have a story, a destiny to fulfil. Often our money story is linked to other people. Employers, partners, parents even yes, friends. We can inherit money karma from our families. Taking on their attitudes and ideas towards it. Which is all very well if you are a trust fund baby. Not so great if your parents lived pay cheque to pay cheque or on benefits street. This week tells you that your money story is yours and yours to re-write if needed.

Money Talks and had plenty to say

Do you feel powerful or dependent on others when it comes to money? Or feel inadequate in some way because you don’t earn as much as your friends? Mercury and Vesta meeting in your 2nd on the 26th can throw up all these issues. Come from a place of surety and self-worth now.

Join the New Rich List

This time has seen many of us re-evaluate our values. What matters and what money can and can’t buy us. Sometimes it’s the intangible things that make us feel truly rich. Love, friends, family, enjoying the outdoors, hobbies, our lifestyle. The 28th sees Mercury meet the North Node in here. You’ve an opportunity now to direct your abundance journey in a new direction.

It’s not what you have but how it makes you feel

You could change the story of how you relate to what you have. And what you believe you can have now. Again, this is your story and yours alone. And it’s not necessarily about how much money is in your account. New beginnings and fresh ideas lie ahead as Mercury enters its ruling 3rd later the same day. Use this to re-write your relationship with what you have – and what you now see you can achieve, Taurus.

In a nutshell: You, your money, possessions and your self-worth all have a story together. This week offers you the opportunity to author a new one if you don’t like how its panning out so far. Could you live happily ever after, after all?



True self-worth is owning who you are

Silence those inner doubts

Time to succeed – on your own terms

If it’s your birthday this week, then you are being asked to own your power in the coming year, Gemini. Where are you holding yourself back? Are you still concerned what others may think of you if you follow those desires and dreams? Ditch the madness and embrace every part of you and consider this a gift to yourself. Above all, stop worrying about critics -or that inner critic for that matter.

Embrace the new daring!

There’s a new kind of success story to be written thanks to Mars and Ceres in your career zone angling to Uranus in your secretive 12th house. No more hiding who you are – or all you have to offer, Gemini. If you’re still worried about failing then remember, the only way to really fail is not to try in the first place. Go on, I dare you!

Become Your Own North Star

Ruler Mercury remains in your 1st and meets Vesta on the 26th. This could bring up issues around people pleasing. Or simply bending yourself out of shape to meet others expectations. That’s not loving. And certainly not self-love either. Just before Mercury heads off into your self-worthy 2nd on the 28th, it will meet the newly arrived North Node for the first time in 19 years.

This is an opportunity to reclaim your unique shining brightness. Especially if it’s been dulled by others. It’s an opportunity to define who you really are, Gemini. Not who others expect you to be. This birthday season is all about your story. So, don’t let anyone else author this for you.

In a nutshell: Time to own your magnificence, Gemini. No more living your life on other people’s terms. The only person’s approval you need now is your own. Follow through and head in the direction of the real you.



Head in a fresh direction

Try something different

History does not have to repeat itself

This week marks a release into something bigger for you. This could eventually lead to travel. Or simply a chance to explore what lies outside that comfort zone (or is that a rut, Cancer?). Dare you leave this and discover what’s ‘out there’?

Opportunity Knocks!

Mars and Ceres remain conjunct in your take-a-chance 9th this week. And along with Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 25th, offer a path to freedom and learning. There’s so much to explore now. Yes, even from your couch. Understand that opportunity might look different to what you might have thought it would. But a different packaging could just add up to a different and better result.

The past is a place to learn from – not live

Don’t dwell too much on the past either this week. Yes, it may continue to feature due to the big line up in your 12th. As well as the heavy retro weather we’re in. However, avoid regrets if you can. What’s most important is that you don’t create new ones to add to the list. And believe me, we all have them.

Take what you’ve learned from your past choices. There’s an opportunity around you to make a new one. And in doing so release yourself from it. Taking a chance may feature. And it’s by taking chances we usually avoid ‘What if’s?’ when looking backwards.

It’s your right to choose!

Don’t dwell on what you think others may choose or expect you to choose. Mercury and Vesta in your 12th on the 26th and you your right to choose. Mercury meets the North Node in here on the 28th – hours before arriving in your 1st. This is all about releasing yourself from the past – history and yes, those regrets if you have any. The future starts here and you can take it in any direction you want it to go, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Learn from your past, but know you don’t have to repeat it, Cancer. Time to head towards the new, untried and unexplored. After all, if you choose the same thing, you’ll get the same result. Choose different.



Expand your karmic circle

Who helps you is returning the favour

Destiny means you don’t go it alone, Leo

Other people hold your destiny in their hands whether you know it or not, Leo. This important retro cycle is all about friendship revivals as well as making new ones. This also includes business and professional contacts and associations. Basically – be a joiner. Initiate contact. Explore new social scenes and circles. Even at a social distance.

Less than six degrees

If you can, step out of your usual network and connect to people from different professions and backgrounds. There’s usually less than six degrees between us and the person who can send our life in a new direction. Mars and Ceres remain together in Mars’s ancient ruling 8th. This week sees both align to Uranus which rules your friends and contacts as well as your future. This could lead to an unusual, unexpected yet important contact for you.

Karma is a Compass

Meanwhile in Uranus’s ruling 11th, retrograde Venus continues to link you back to past friendships. Mercury and Vesta meet in here on the 26th and expect attitudes to be exposed. The 28th places people in your path who have the capacity to influence your future. In ways you may not yet be able to fathom. Mercury meets the point of karma – the North Node in here. If you reconnect or meet someone now, this is fate at work.

Pay it forward

Karma may get paid forward if you receive help or assistance from people. Take it you did the same for them – a long time ago. Later the same day Mercury will enter your 12th of the soul, secrets and the past including past lives. Old friends and even old loves, could return now. And not just from this lifetime either.

In a nutshell: Who you know and who you meet now could influence your future in ways you may not think possible. It’s a week to connect and bridge the past and your future. Karma is the tie you share, Leo.



No labels. No pigeonholes.

Make the world sit up and take notice

Set your status for the future

Status defining shifts may take place this week. This can affect your professional status, the title on your business card or even your status as in Mrs. or Mr. Single or settled. How you want or need to be seen and perceived by others and society in general. There’s also freedom from anything that has become confining or restrictive on offer too. If you feel you’re being pigeon-holed for instance.

Freedom is your gift

No matter which way the shift occurs, release is its intention. Also know that you are far, far more than simply a title. Mars and Ceres conjunct in your partnership sector angle across to Uranus in your sector of opportunity and expansion on the 25th. The terms around a key relationship – whether this is a professional one or a personal one, may shift now.

Find the balance point

Ruler Mercury sits in your 10th along with Venus retrograde in here. Let’s talk equality. Is anything skewed in favour of one side? If this is the case, the meeting between Mercury and Vesta on the 26th allows you to state your terms.

Showcase your destiny

The 28th could see you make that move. Or take a decision which has the world sitting up and looking at you in a new way. Mercury meets the North Node on this day. If you are old enough, think back to the years 2001-2003 as this could be linked to decisions which had an impact on this back then. Live all that potential now. Hours later, Mercury heads off into your social 11th. Time to spread the news, Virgo.

In a nutshell: How the world sees you may shift and change this week. Status setting moves for the future can be made now. This could affect your job title – or even a personal one. Yes, it’s how you are seen. But not who you are, Virgo.



Tick for wellbeing

Is there a big love you need to reclaim?

Destiny has a journey in mind

Bear in mind ruler Venus remains retrograde in your 9th. The house where most of this week’s action is happening, Libra. So, aside from re-exploring past loves, steer clear of new ones for now. There’s the possibility of a better job or simply a new way of ordering your day thanks to Mars and Ceres conjunct in your 6th. Both angle to the planet of invention and innovation, Uranus in your change sector. The smallest adjustments to your routine will have a big ripple effect now.

To Do is Feelgood Freedom

Pro tip: That feelgood factor comes from striking off those items on your ‘To do’ list. And in making one in the first place. Simply put, work smarter by going back to old school basics now.

Doing the work sets you free

Faraway places you have a deep connection with may call you. Even if you cannot travel there right now. Reexploring subjects which fascinate you and re-encountering those big loves are what Venus retro and Mercury in your 9th promise. The 26th has a Mercury and Vesta meet-cute. This could have a direct connection to those dull old daily tasks I mentioned. Innovate to liberate. And delegate if you feel you are expected to take on more than your fair share.

Back to New Beginnings

Look back now to 2001-2003 if you are old enough as Mercury aligns to the North Node on the 28th. Something which began back then could come full circle now. Or you are about to embark on a path destiny mapped out for you as fate is at work. Just hours later and Mercury arrives in your 10th of career and reputation. Time for serious discussions and agreements relating to your chosen vocation. You’ll be called on to deliver on what you say or promise now. Step up into the role you were always destined to play, Libra.

In a nutshell: Past loves include places, big dreams and experiences as well as people. Something could be resurrected or revisited in your life with fresh relevance, Libra. When it comes to working smarter however – have a list.



Love has many faces

State your terms for a new and better deal with someone

You need depth – in everything from conversations to connections

What is it you want to make or create this week, Scorpio? Just keep at the back of your mind that Venus which rules your love life, remains retrograde in your 8th. Of yes, ah-hem – sex and relationships where sex is important. Yes, ancient ruler Mars is asking where’s the heat and passion from your 5th. But unless you are content with simply flings being flung, try to steer clear of romance.

There’s so much more to love than romance

Mars and Ceres are still on their date in here and both invite Uranus, planet of excitement and thrills in your 7th to join them on the 25th. Reaching out to friends may give you that feeling of connection you’re seeking. Minus the potential for broken hearts. Or that ‘It’s complicated’ situation.

Do it with depth

As well as Venus retro and the Sun, you still have a big line up in your 8th. You won’t have time for the superficial now when it comes to anything from love to conversations. What you share with someone – joint assets, your home, mortgages, loans, maintenance payments, benefits, your salary or even the chores or who minds the kids, could shift and change. All down to the Mercury and Vesta meeting on the 26th. Does there need to be a new equality around any of these issues?

Sharing includes karma

Mercury moves off to meet the North Node in here on the 28th. Look back to 2001-2003 if you are old enough to see what you entered into with another back then. Chances are this is linked to that or represents a replay on some level. And it’s around not just shared money, home or time, but karma too.

What result do you want this time? Hopefully freedom to step out of a cycle. You’ll be able to attain this as just hours later Mercury arrives in your 9th. It’s a new world order baby. And you get to write the rules.

In a nutshell: New love stays on hold but old loves – especially the friendship variety, could provide the outlet you seek. Something you share with someone is up for negotiation. Aim for a different outcome.



Leverage your ideas and resources

No regrets

Rebirths and new beginnings have their roots in your past

With your ruler retrograde in your 2nd and Venus retrograde in your 7th this is not the time to look for new love. Or enter into new financial arrangements for that matter. Also, keep an eye on your spending and avoid impulse buys. Instead use this time to work with what you have rather than what you may want.

Work with what you love

This may turn out to be more than what you think if you stop to do a talent stocktake. That side hustle or doing something original and unique to you? Mars and Ceres in your 4th take aim at Uranus in your daily work and duty sector. Uranus is all about turning things on their head and freeing you. A lightbulb moment? Entirely possible now.

Love moves with you so don’t look back!

Don’t spend too much time over regrets when it comes to past loves. Anything from ‘the one that got away’ to you not seeing the light sooner. Mercury and Vesta meet on the 26th and Mercury will meet the North Node in here on the 28th. Past partnerships and what was set in motion back in 2001-2003 could return. If not in person then in memory. Is there a pattern here? Look to significant events and relationships back then if you are old enough. This or they could return or reappear.

Evolve your heart

If so, time to ask if this is a missed opportunity coming back or something you no longer want to be involved with. Within hours of this encounter Mercury will arrive in your house of endings and rebirth. One way or another, you’re heading for a new beginning, Sag. Think of this as reflecting how your heart has evolved. That’s very different to the past simply repeating itself.

In a nutshell: It may not be time for new beginnings. But it is time to work what you have in new and frankly inventive ways, Sag. Something old could be set for new beginnings. History doesn’t have to repeat itself.



Say it anyway

Release restriction

Where does love take you from here?

Say it anyway this week, Capricorn. And don’t be afraid to suggest a solution that’s both daring and new. Mars in your 3rd has you walking your talk. And also making that talk the straight kind. You’re not in a mood to mince words. Ceres however is all about the compromise. Sometimes we have to lay our cards on the table or be honest about our feelings before we can reach that point.

Talk opens up the future

There could be a new way forward or even opportunity to promote yourself as both Mars and Ceres angle to Uranus in your 5th. Just remain mindful that Venus is retrograde in your 6th, Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st and ruler Saturn in your 2nd. And your ruler is heading back your way. It’s therefore a time for finishing touches, for conversations you may have bene putting off and to tie up loose ends.

Love – at least the future kind, is on hold still. Past loves may resurface however and if they do, it’s up to you where you take them from here. Mercury which rules your 6th of work, everyday responsibilities, routine and wellbeing, bumps into Vesta in here on the 26th.: Have you have taken on too much? Mercury meets the North Node in here on the 28th. So, if something needs releasing, this is a good time for that too. Especially if it confines, drains or effects the way you feel on any level.

Speak from your heart

Within hours of this, Mercury will arrive in your 7th. One to one conversations are now definitely on the table as could be talking about where you go from here. Speak your mind this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: The direct approach and speaking up could bring about a new understanding between you and another. Or break you free from restriction. Don’t be afraid to suggest a novel solution to an old issue.



Make this a love revival

What begins now could take you back to the past

Something old just got shiny and new again

Love may be on your mind but please remember that Venus which rules this, is retrograde in your 5th. Your house of romance. As well as ruling the true, heart-racing, forever kind of love, Venus also rules situations which fall under the category of ‘It’s complicated’. The likelihood of finding yourself in one or simply falling for someone who cannot and does not deliver over the long term, is high during a retro Venus cycle. Reviving creative projects, spending time with children or young people or even entertaining a past lover – all possibilities this week.

Is that a pigeon hole or a dovecote?

Mars and Ceres occupy Venus’s other ruling house – your 2nd. This week sees them angle across to ruler Uranus in your 4th. This could bring in a new source of income, better paying job or an opportunity to make yourself secure in some way. A little blue-sky thinking could be involved. Mercury remains in your 5th and still direct for now. Is someone expecting you to behave in a certain way? Conform to a stereotype for instance? Look closely as it bumps into Vesta in here on the 26th. Know the difference between a pigeon-hole and a beautiful dovecote that encloses you but still allows you to be you.

Love is the question, the answer and the future!

Mercury travels on to meet the North Node in here on the 28th and within hours of this will exit to enter its ruling 6th. News around children, adult children, god children, foster or adoptive children could take you back to 2001-2003. This could be linked to something you began then. Remember, a creative project is also your ‘child’ you give birth to. An old love could come full circle now as what was begun in the past, gives birth to something for your future, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Past loves or events stemming from who or what you have loved in the past, could catch up with you in the present. Old flames could burn again – and more brightly a second time.



Work that personal message

Was your role written for you by someone else?

Take the old – and begin anew with it

Don’t feel afraid to suggest frankly edgy solutions, pitch those innovative ideas or make that first move this week, Pisces. Mars and Ceres remain conjunct in your 1st. They angle to maverick Uranus in your 3rd on the 25th. It’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ played for real. This could involve your work, business, writing, publishing or the internet. It certainly involves you getting your point across or working your personal brand or message for everything it’s worth. Nobody got anywhere by underselling themselves. Remember that.

All work and no play

If you’ve been too focussed on the home, family or domestic matters lately, it may also be time to rectify that. By speaking out about this too if necessary. Mercury meets Vesta in your 4th on the 26th. There’s always an element of ‘keeping the home fires burning’ about Vesta. The Vestal Virgins had to watch the sacred flame in the temple and if they allowed it to go out, they were punished.

Life lived your way is a life fully lived

If you’re feeling taken for granted or that others simply expect you to do certain things, speak out. Where you are linked to, family karma, your roots, your home and even your homeland are themes triggered by Mercury’s meeting with the North Node on the 28th. Have you inherited other’s expectations around the role you play or lifestyle? This all reminds you this is your life to live. Extra time spent at home recently should have shown you just what that should be.

What is it that makes your soul grow?

Some however may feel the pull back to roots they thought they have severed long ago. Jump back in 19-year increments to discover what these are. Where you belong may in fact be linked to your past – even your childhood for some. The child within could re-awaken. It’s re-connecting to joy where soul growth lies. Don’t let anyone take this from you. Within hours of this Mercury will move off into your 5th. It could just be time for self-regeneration and being a kid again, Pisces.

In a nutshell: New avenues could open up around work or business. But when it comes to the place where you feel you most belong, the roots may go deeper than you thought. Head home to the past now.


Written Weekly Astrology May 25th 2020.

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