2019 Astrology Preview!

2019 Yearly Astrology Overview

  • Welcome to electrifying 2019!
  • Step into soul liberation
  • Align with the stars with a ritual to bring about expansion and opportunity

Hello Gorgeous Soul, The flavour of 2018 is all about healing the past so we can be free to be who we truly are. I thought I’d get some intel into what 2019 has in store for us. Strap on your intrepid boots as it’s going to be a wild and free ride!

The general astrology of 2019 brings expansion, liberation and opportunities awaken us all to a sense of adventure in 2019. After the look-back-to-go-forward extreme retrograde weather of 2018, 2019 begins with only one planet retrograde and that’s Uranus. However, even the planet of rebellion and revolution doesn’t stay that way for long, as it too heads direct again on January 6 in the sign of Aries. So, for the rest of January and on until March we have a period of two months where all the planets are direct. At least until March 5 when Mercury brings us its special brand of retrograde mayhem in Pisces. The message for us all as 2019 begins is to look forward and move into the future. As for the past – we don’t live there anymore.

What’s more, our 2019 astrology begins with four planets in their ruling signs. Mars is in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.  This doesn’t happen very often. So, what we may be seeing as the New Year begins is the energy of these planets reflected in a big way in our own lives and the world around us. And in both positive and negative forms. So don’t be surprised if you watch the news and think to yourself:  ‘That’s so Saturn in Capricorn ’  Or ‘Well, that celebrity was certainly having a Mars in Aries moment!’.  If you were born under any of these signs, have one as a rising sign or a personal planet in one or more of them, then harness the positive aspects of your ruler and use these to set the tone for the whole year ahead. Do you need to be a warrior for love? A comedic explorer? A scaler of heights or a mystic creator? Or maybe a little bit of all of these things? Harness that higher frequency four planets in their rulerships offers us and remember – ‘As above, so below’. 

2018 saw Uranus enter the sign of Taurus. While we may no longer live in the past, hopefully we don’t have short memories. Uranus only spent a short time in Taurus before turning retrograde and heading back into Aries. But the time the planet of awakenings spent in the sign of money and values, should have given us all a taste of what it has in store for us. March 6 sees Uranus re-enter Taurus where it will remain for the next seven years. We’re all now going to be looking at our relationship to the material world. Most specifically our money and most importantly, our values. It’s time to see money in a radically different way. Money is energy. And with energy there is always an exchange. That’s why we have a stock exchange. We talk about changing money. The ‘change’ in our pocket (less now we use cards for so many transactions.) We exchange our time and skills for our pay or salary. Uranus rules electricity and ‘current’. So, 2019 will see us looking at the ‘current’ between ourselves and the material world. And also our values. What we will and won’t ‘sell out’ for. . If necessity is the mother of invention, then Uranus is the father of re-invention.  Our inner values and what is important to all of us on an individual level will be redefined and shift.

But the exciting thing about Uranus is that this planet will have us looking at the value that has been placed on certain things, often by others, in a very different way. Taurus is an earth sign, symbolised by the bull. Aside from the fairly obvious connections with ‘bull’ markets and the stock exchange, there’s the other side of the symbolism, which is the bull laying down in green meadows – the simple pleasures of being in nature. What we may see emerging as a result of Uranus’s transit through Taurus is a re-evaluation of the importance of the natural world. And a refusal to ‘sell out’ the planet. So, expect a revolution when it comes to ecological and environmental  values too.

Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck and exploration will spend the majority of 2019 in its ruling sign of Sagittarius. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in the sign of the adventurer/philosopher-storyteller. Were you over 18 12 years ago? If so, think back to the themes that emerged at that time as you are likely to encounter similar ones now. Travel – especially the long distance kind, foreigners, higher learning, the outdoors, the law, religion, sport are all ruled by Jupiter and the 9th house. Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to broaden our horizons and to open us up to new ways of seeing the world. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and so is associated with size. Big business, the mass media – when we talk about these things we are talking in Jupiter’s language. Jupiter in Sagittarius ‘bigs up’ our dreams and also adds a touch of luck to any endeavour. With one caveat. We have to take the first step towards them. Jupiter in its ruling sign says start your journey in 2019 – and make it a big one!

Jupiter asks do we have a story to tell around our journey? If so, be generous and share it. See yourself as a soul traveller while Jupiter is in Sagittarius – even if you are not a Sagittarian or have no Sag planets. Blog, write, journal or even act your story. Jupiter in Sag is a little bit theatrical. It says it’s all a divine comedy and please don’t take it too seriously.  Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until the start of December when it moves off into Capricorn which will take us into 2020 with one of the most powerful cycles we have ever seen when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all meet in Capricorn that year. For now however, 2019 begins a new eclipse cycle on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. It’s going to be about home and that work/life balance and what really matters. Remember, eclipses cover up initially and we may not discover just how big the cover up has been until 2020.

Uranus wakes us up and sets us free – sometimes in ways that are shocking. Sometimes we don’t even know we are chained to something or that it has become counter-productive to our evolution until we get Uranus’s wake-up call!  Jupiter always seeks expansion, to broaden our horizons and our knowledge – usually through a journey either real or metaphorical. No matter what sign we are born under, we can all harness the freedom and opportunity that both these planets can bring us by aligning our energy with them. It’s really simple to do so here’s my special Uranus/Jupiter ritual for you for 2019. When you have a moment centre yourself. Imagine yourself about to step onto a new path. See it winding ahead of you until it disappears into the horizon. Now, ask the following questions – either out loud or else mentally: What is it that holds me back that I am unaware of? What do I no longer need to take with me on my journey? Keep an open mind as to what answers occur to you. Sometimes we can have a flash of instant recognition of what it is we need to do or release. Or we may wait for answers or when something ends or is let go of in a way that was outside our control, we then realise that was the very thing we needed to release. But whatever way you get your answer, know that simply by asking the questions, you set in motion the forces to set yourself free to explore all the enormous potential for invention, re-invention, learning and freedom that 2019 astrology promises us all.

In a nutshell: Electrify your life and expand your horizons! 2019 promises the start of an exciting journey towards freedom, liberation and soul-awareness when it comes to what we need to achieve those things.

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  1. Thanks Michele for your comprehensive Astrological preview for 2019. I do hope 2019 will be turning point for me as I have had more than my fair share of trauma in my life – I fully intend to electrify my life and expand my horizons!

  2. Hi Michele
    I’d love to study a course but don’t know which course to study. My dob: 14/8/1965 Bondi nsw Australia @6:30pm an u help?
    Thx drew

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