Numberology And Astrology: Make the most of 2010

So what does 2010 hold for us? There’s some powerful magic around the numerology of 2010 and the planetary aspects which occur in the coming year. The astrology of 2010 and the numerology of 2010 invite us on a magical mystery tour that leads us to trust and follow our intuition and our emotions. Even the most stoic individual may be pulled by the heart strings and follow an unexpected path, dancing to the tune of their inner voice and true emotional desires.

New Years Eve kicks off with a blue full moon in sensitive Cancer. We start the year by feeling oddly vulnerable or in need of emotional security. The superficial just won’t do and that really is the theme of the year.

3 is the magic number

The numerology of 2010 is 3. 3 is commonly referred to as ‘the magic number’ as in many spiritual traditions 3 is featured as a powerful trinity. We have ‘Father, son and holy ghost’ in Christianity, 3 fold Goddess in paganism, the Hindu Trimurti, three jewels of Buddhism, the three pure ones of Taoism – the list is endless.

A three year imbues you with a bit of magic if you know how to use it. You can create what you desire. You have the foundations to bring your dreams into reality. You should feel more energetic, creative and optimistic . Use the 3 magic to create your desires and change your life. One of the most powerful things you can do with the number 3 energy in 2010 is to find two other people and practice visualising each others dreams coming true. Find two people who share your vision and believe in you! The power of 3 will help bring your dreams closer and a shared vision will enable you to create your reality even more quickly.

Jupiter in Pisces

To underscore this further we have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, going into emotional and creative Pisces. Trusting in your emotions brings good fortune. If you’re creative, your creative juices will be in full flow. It is incredibly important to follow your intuition this year as your hunches should be spot on. Jupiter will be conjunct Uranus for some of the year so expect the unexpected when it comes to your emotions and some people can be taken on a wild rollercoaster ride of love. Chiron dips into both Aquarius and Pisces this year, bringing people in touch with their empathy and spirituality. Many astrologers are predicting more doom and gloom in the economy but all the signs are that we are being taken on a journey to our real soul needs.

Everything has its yin and yang, light and shadow, positive aspects and challenges.

Positives for 2010 – Deep, emotional, optimist , creative, innovative, social, empathy, empathic, emotional honesty.

Challenges for 2010 – Irrational, hypersensitive, fickle, obsessive, disorganised.

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