Astrology Tarot Weekly From 12th Dec 2024

Aries – Queen Of Wands

You have your warrior boots on and are ready for action, you’re brazen in your opinions and insist on speaking your mind (even more than usual!). You’re more than happy being the Queen of Wands and know what you have to do to make things right. A flurry of communication clears the air. Ideas intrigue and excite you as you head down a new path.

Taurus – The Star

It hasn’t been all puppy dogs and rainbows for you recently, in fact, you have faced quite the challenge. The good news is that The Star radiates her rays of wonder upon you, and with the curious Full Moon, you come up with a magnificent idea. OK, sure, people in your life may be chucking a few truth bombs and leaving out the empathy, but you are grounded and inspired, and the healing has already begun.

Gemini – 6 Of Wands

Victory is upon you but only if you deserve it! The God’s are not going to judge you, but your behaviour has instant karma this week. The Full Moon is waving her magic wand and making you centre of attention. How do you feel under the spotlight? Is your conscience clear? If so an array of thrilling experiences await.

Cancer – The Moon

You’re super psychic on the Super Full Moon. You sense everything everyone else is feeling; you pick up on a simple shift of energy or thought. Revelations, magic and enchantment, give you three days of extraordinary perception and experience. You sniff out a secret, and this forces you to make a decision. There’s something more profound going on this week than you realise. Trust your psychic senses.

Leo – 10 Of Pentacles

Connections are important this week. You are magnetised, and anyone on a similar or higher vibration will sense you, and you draw them to you. Your strength right now is teamwork and collaboration. Socialising, charity work, activism or just partying lead you to some beautiful relationships. Get out there and shine.

Virgo – 8 Of Pentacles

Go for it this week! The spotlight is on your career as you shimmy and sweet talk your way to success. Get those meetings sorted before the 19th when your ruler Mercury does a back flip and brings a tonne of communication confusion. You captivate influential people and are fantastic at getting your ideas across.

Libra – 2 Of Wands

There’s an opportunity winging it’s way to you, at first you might think Meh, yet it could be the start of an awfully big adventure. Don’t dismiss anything until you have investigated it’s full potential. You are the embodiment of the saying “All that wander are not lost”, as you Have the voyaging spirit this week. You seek expansion, travel and a little bit of craziness. An eccentric or offbeat character has some very appealing advice. Love takes a strange but exciting twist.

Scorpio – The Devil

Temptations and primal emotions surge through your being. There’s some pretty full on pheromones in the air and an irresistible desire. You’re used to feeling intense longings; perhaps you are sentimental about the past? Perhaps an ex is on the phone, or you are craving a reconnection? Or have a deep need to heal an old wound? A new love triangle is dangled, and current relationships get hot and heavy or complicated. What is the soul lesson in this? What does your heart tell you to do? One way or anther it won’t be boring!

Sagittarius – 2 Of Cups

The Full Moon brings you the magic of the Two of Cups. You seek soul connections, and you find them, you realise why certain pals are in your life and who you have the largest bond. Perhaps you are at a turning point but for once in your life know you are not alone? Friends can be as important as soulmates and indeed be soulmates. A feeling of togetherness and special love brings you huge hope for a positive 2017.

Capricorn – The Hermit

Drag that old rowing machine out of the cupboard, blow the dust off your walking boots and pay attention to your body. You can make small changes to your lifestyle this week that bring a huge payback in the future. On top of that, you are doing the right thing and looking back on 2016 to see what you achieved, how you came through challenging experiences and what you need to improve before 2017. You’re not feeling as frisky as usual but want to put your energy into finding your balance before the next step. Coming soon? The next step is all about healthy and passionate relationships

Aquarius – The Sun

Yeah, baby! You are in for a peak experience of pleasure! When was the last time you had a belly laugh? Expect quite a few laughs this week as you finally feel you are unwinding. There’s also some good news, OK; you may be facing a standoff with someone, but you nail it. You’re relieved by the end of the week and feel as if you’ve catapulted a huge weight off your shoulders. It’s also party central for you with the possibility of a soulful, sensual liaison.

Pisces – 4 Of Rods

Home sure is where the heart it this week. Even though it’s the end of the year, you may be moving or transforming your space. Family members are on your mind, and you seek cosy snuggly times. There’s a gathering or celebration which brings out your romantic side, and you look at those you love with a warm softness. If anyone messes with your family or causes disruption in your home you tackle them like a wildermeest after 30 double espressos! A midweek challenge shows you how strong you are as you brush it off and swiftly move on.

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