Are You A Multi-Dimensional Psychic?

Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not just the future psychics can tune in to? Perhaps we can be the crafters of our destiny rather than the pawns? If you have read any of my articles on Quantum Creating you will know that I firmly believe in the ability to transform our lives and I also have a fascination with science. Scientists are encouraged to make all sorts of speculations about the meaning of life.  Yet, if anyone in the spiritual sphere does the same thing they can be labelled nuts or kooky by the scientific sceptics but do we really see things that differently?

200-20If we look at some of the current scientific theories there are some striking parallels (excuse the pun!) between psychic and paranormal beliefs and scientific theory. For instance If we believe in the latest cutting edge scientific theory of the multiverse ( in a nutshell that we exist in many dimensions and parallel Universes.)  then doesn’t it make sense that psychics or even any one whose imagination can transcend our world, is connected to it? If we look back at history, we’ve always explored the idea of other dimensions – even the Bible does this with heaven and hell and other belief systems follow suit. In Norse mythology there is Valhalla. In Greek mythology there is Olympus and well as the underworld.

200-17All these are concepts of other dimensions. One of the first people to explore the concept of even more diemsions was of course the author H.G.Wells in 1895 when his book The Time Machine was first published, introducing us to the concept of the fourth dimension.

Since then we have seen Quantum physics open up the idea of even more dimensions – and universes existing alongside our own. Are you one of the people able to ‘tune in’ to these? Is it possible to connect to other dimensions? Have we been doing it without even noticing? Are you a Multi-dimensional psychic? Perhaps it’s more common than we think?

200_s-61: How often have you lost something and turned the house upside down looking for it? Then it turns up in plain sight days or even weeks later. Just like sub-atomic particles appear to cross from one dimension to the other, some parapsychologists speculate that when this happens the object has slipped into another dimension while missing!

Have you been out and about on your usual routine but suddenly felt you no longer know where you are or that you are somewhere else entirely? Some people say this is a sign of you remote viewing either a distant location or one in another dimension.

Shall we play a game? If you play computer or consol games then these were the first form of mass home entertainment to embrace the concept of putting the player into other dimensions and also allowing them to control the action. They could be a reflection of the theory that our consciousness is located elsewhere and inhabits various ‘avatars’ of us in various parallel universes. Hence, we may be able to access these lives either via lucid dreams or meditation.

200_s-34:  You swear you saw someone you know but the next moment – they’re not there. This is called a ‘living apparition’. If you see someone you know and they vanish and you then discover they were definitely somewhere else at the time, this usually means you or they have accidentally ‘slipped’ between dimensions and you have either tuned in to a life they are living in another part of the multiverse – or they are tuning in to yours!

Have you noticed how often fiction becomes reality? Creative people dream up concepts and then further down the road they become real inventions – such as we often see in science fiction. One explanation is that these ideas are being channelled from dimensions where they already exist.

200-196: Astral projection or out-of-body experiences are a well-documented example of being able to move between dimensions.

psychic dimensions 


7: Time slip! One of the most common ways of slipping into another dimension is to suddenly notice people wearing old fashioned clothes or even the presence of old cars, horse drawn vehicles or old buildings where they are usually none. If you experience this you are tuning in to the memory stored in either the buildings or the area itself.

psychic dimensions8: Stephen Hawking has proposed there may be as many as 11 to 26 dimensions. If you see or experience something you cannot explain, it may be you have turned in to one science has yet to discover. Think about the character Matthew McConaughy played in Interstellar. In the film he discovers that not only are there other dimensions but that the ‘higher beings’ sending humanity the worm-hole and on a personal level, him the messages, were human beings and himself, transcending time and dimensions in doing so.

Obviously this is all speculation but remember, meta-physics literally means ‘beyond physics’ – or what we know about physics at present. Insights you receive or events you cannot explain may be down to dimensional physics – and you may be a multi-dimensional psychic without even realising it!


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  1. My name is Kameela I had an experience that I can not explain I was in the bathroom at my sis house fixing my hair soon after I heard voices so I’m like cool sis had a lot of company I continued doing what I was found forgot about hearing people moments later I heard a turn on the bathroom door nob and voices I paid it it no mind sounds like women are trying to get in the mirror I’m thinking to myself I’m just doing my hair no harm I can here lots of voices put never saw a faces in the mirror some odd reason I never looked behind me I than heard loud mumbling in my left ear to the core of the ear drum I turned around fast and bent over in shock holding my belly with both hands eyes wide open mouth in awh I than saw women in blazers with microphones all talking at one time like I saw myself speaking in a mic over a podium I don’t understand it was so clear can someone help me please.

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