Snowed in? 6 spiritual practices when stuck in

Snowed in? 6 spiritual practices to make the most of it

Like almost everyone across the UK, we woke up this morning to see a soft blanket of snow enveloping the landscape. As we live way out in the country, getting out and about is out of the question, but being marooned in this way doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

If, like us, you are stuck inside, or your world has shrunk to a precarious wobble on icy pavements for necessary journeys only, the only thing to do is accept the break nature has sent you and cosy up indoors.  Just before the holiday frenzy sets in, this can be a lovely quiet time where you can catch up on your spiritual inventory.  Here’s how to pass the time if you’re taking a snow-day…


Get to work on your Cosmic Ordering board. All you need is a board and a pile of magazines or pictures. Cut out those that inspire you and reflect your dreams and paste them on the board. You can also use words and anything else to decorate it that lifts your spirits and takes your fancy.  This is where you dream your ideal life in a way that sets your intention for the universe’s attention – so make it a map you’d love to follow as the year turns.


Housebust your home.  It’s a great time to do some deep cleaning, energy shifting and decluttering. Blitz it, recycle what you no longer use (remember your unwanted object might be someone else’s treasure) and experiment with rearranging things to create a wonderful space.  It’s astonishing how a day spent like this can totally change the energy of the place where you live.


Meditate. Create your own sacred ‘altar’ or space where you can take time to meditate.  Many people like to use things that represent the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, but a simple candle that you can light as you set your intention for your meditation will do.  You can meditate for your own peace or world peace.  Notice how the peaceful energy floods through your home as you do it.


Read an inspiring book, write a diary, write a poem, write a love letter to yourself!  Most of these go on our ‘must do when I have a moment’ list.  Well, now you do!


I’m a big believer in setting New Year’s Intentions rather than resolutions.  Resolutions tend to be broken by January 2nd, but intentions set a star by which you can navigate your year ahead.  I’m going to write a whole other article on this subject, but in the meantime, start thinking about what you intend for 2011.  Rather than dwelling on any contrast that has gone before – this is all about focussing on where you want to go next on your own journey.


Catch up on all the good stuff across all of my sites!  I’m going to carry on bringing you loads of articles, videos, tips and clips of how to transform your life, so make time to drop me a line and tell me what you’d like to see more of!

Loads of love – and stay warm!

Michele x

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