2011 Numerology – Balance and magic

In terms of numerology, 2011 is a 4 year (2+0+1+1 = 4) and it also has the flavour of 11 which is a master number! So what is the vibration of the number 4? 4 is all about foundations and structure. 4 years are pretty serious and want us to sort out the practicalities in our life. With all the financial mayhem it isn’t surprising that we are all looking for security and structure. Emotionally, we will be drawn to establishing security in relationships and the gift and karmic lesson of this year is to find that security within ourselves. Whatever you felt needed stabilising in your life,  now is the year to look at it. How secure do you feel within your life? How can you make your life more ordered and how would that change your life?

2011 is liable to draw us to people who we feel are safe and reliable. We’re looking for sure things and are less likely to be reckless and less likely to be drawn to dangerous or unpredictable people. If you’re naturally a bit wild you might find yourself wanting to settle down a bit or add practicality to your creativity.

Some people say that the numerology of 4 is the number of creation. Interestingly the numerology of the master number 11 is all about having creation within and the magic to manifest and transform. The symbolic meaning of this year could then be seen as practically creating your life. Turning your creation into reality and achieving security within creating.

Try not to get too set in your ways or become judgmental of other people in the coming year. If you have a tendency to be ordered and self critical you could find yourself becoming increasingly controlling of yourself or others. Focus for you should be more on the magic of the 11 vibration attached to this year. Become the master builder in your life – find your passion and make it a reality. If you paint, for instance, you might focus on a way to sell your work. If you write, you might finally have the courage to show it to a publisher. Nobody is going to particularly relish change or the unexpected this year but it’s important to trust that if change comes, it will probably bring you true security in the end. Be aware of the bigger picture.

For me the vibration of 11 sticks out and there is a flavour of magic within the structure of this year. You could find yourself having a life calling or intense inspiration and you won’t act until you have found a concrete way to bring this dream into reality. You can ask the Universe for your calling or your life purpose and probably find at least part of the answer. 4 is also quite a magical number.  Out of the 4 elements we can create true balance and that is what you are being called to do this year; balance yourself and balance your life.

loads of love,

Michele x

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